Thursday, 28 November 2013

Border tip of the day: CBSA Officers may have you empty your pockets, look at your cell phone information, view files and photos on your computer, search your car all without a warrant. This is what they do, and random examinations (searches) do happen. For detailed information about this and more get a copy of my ebook at

Friday, 27 September 2013

Border Crossing Tip of the Day

I am a former border services officer with CBSA (Canada Border Services) - I have written an e-book on cross border travel titles "Crossing the Line - How to cross a land border stress free" This e-book will answer most of your questions about cross border travel that you have always wanted to know. Did you know that an officer can ask for your phone and look through all the phone numbers, text, emails and all the information on your phone...all without a warrent or any reason? And if you refuse to give the phone to the officer you may be arrested for hindering an officer? I  will answer these and many other questions about cross border travel. You can get a copy of my e-book through my web site at

Border Tip of the day: You are not entitiled to bring any alcohol back to Canada duty free for any trip less than 48hrs. However on day trips more often than not officers will allow 1 750ml bottle of wine or a 12 pack of beer without paying duty. Be aware though that it is the officer's descretion if they send you in to pay, so be prepared to be sent in any time you bring alcohol into Canada and your are not duty free excempt.